Master Classes

A time of discovery  and new experiences

Would you like to improve your culinary skills? Or are you in need of finding consensus in discussions, appreciating partnerships or conducting teambuilding for your company?

Master classes are available from the team at Arcobaleno and the bartending staff of Nove and will certainly strike your fancy! Culinary instructors generously share the secrets of effective, simple cooking of select dishes. We teach preparation of gourmet lunches from three dishes in half an hour, and with the professional assistance of our bartenders, preparing the perfect Daquiri or Cosmopolitan will become a fundamental of hosting.

Both the restaurant and bar are located steps from the conference hall, so after the closing of a training or seminar, you do not have far to go. Gastronomical delights and a wonderful mood await all who visit. Come to us with a large group and turn your cooking lesson into a friendly competition!

Do not try this alone… it is so much more fun to cook together! For your foreign partners, we have prepared a special schedule of workshops on traditional Russian cuisine. Details and reservations by telephone at: +7 (812) 385-99-00

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