Your Ideal Wedding at Domina St. Petersburg

A wedding to remember and a room as a gift

Celebrate your occasion ten minutes from the famous betrothal courtyard on the English embankment in the aristocratic style of the 19th century. Domina St. Petersburg is a charming Italian hotel created for unique weddings. The five-star status of our hotel perfectly reflects the warmth of a home, something that only the Italians can truly accomplish.

Casual chic? Perhaps. This artistic hotel has been designed by architect Gianmarco Cavagnino to mirror a jewellery box – with a secret – the ideal setting for weddings that cannot be found anywhere else. Its classic facade begs to be within a camera’s viewfinder, as well as a spacious, bright atrium and romantic corners where you may wish to linger.

The wedding night should be very special! The bright rooms at Domina St. Petersburg are the perfect place to awaken together as a happy husband and wife. Champagne and a special treat from our pastry chef will await the newlyweds in their room. Enjoy the view of Moika (you can even reach the hotel by boat – a pier adjoins the hotel) or enjoy the quietness of our cosy patio and feel like the sole owners of a majestic chateau! The space has been designed so cleverly that no one can interrupt your long-awaited privacy… unless you wish for them to do so. For example, you may want to step down to the Nove Bar and make a wish by whispering into the ear of Dostoevsky, who is sleeping behind the counter. Or find a secret room behind the curtain, with a “moustachioed” Martha inside – they say she can also make one’s desires come true.

The rooms contain passionate or gentle combinations of colours, vintage chic of mirrors, huge beds and spacious bathrooms. These are the only two-storey suites in St. Petersburg, comprised of a living room and a private sauna, a sparkling black-and-white wellness area, crystal pendants flowing from the ceiling, to mention just a few of the many wonders, of which the main and most enjoyable one is the opportunity to spend your wedding night here for free.

To reserve a room for the newlyweds or request more information, please call +7 (812) 385 12 92 or send a request to If an order for a banquet totals 120 thousand rubles or more, the newlyweds’ suite will be provided for free!

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