Payment by cards

Payment services’ information

Terms and procedures of payment the Hotel services through the Internet

All the financial operations at the Hotel are provided in Russian rubles only.

to pay through the Internet we accept the following services:

  • Visa card,
  • MasterCard
  • “Mir” card

The payment service through the Internet is realized according to the regulations of International payment systems Visa and MasterCard and Russian payment system “Mir” on the Privacy Policy principles of payment process. To provide this we use the newest methods of verification, coding and passing data through the secure channels. The payment card data input is performed on the secure payment page by ALFA-BANK JSC.

On the page of payment card data input you need to provide the following information of your card: card number, card holder name, card validity, three-unit secure code (CVV2 for VISA or CVC2 for MasterCard). All the necessary information is pointed on your card. The secure code is the three numbers pointed on the back side.

Then you will be redirected to the page of your bank to input the 3DSecure code that you’ll get by SMS message. In case you don’t get the message with the code you should contact your issuing bank.

Possible reasons of refusal the payment operation:

    • the payment card doesn’t provide the operations through the Internet – this information you may check with your bank;
    • not enough funds on the card to make the payment. You may check the availability of funds with your issuing bank;
    • payment card data were input incorrect;
    • payment card expired. The card validity is usually indicated on the front side of the card (a month and a year to which the card is valid). You may check the card validity with your issuing bank.

Concerning financial operations with the payment card please call: 

+7 (812) 385 99 00 and/or +7 (812) 385 99 11.

Your personal information (name, address, phone number, e-mail, payment card number) is confidential. Your payment card data are transmitted in code only and not kept on our Web-server.

Reservation modes, terms and procedure for modification and cancellation

Reservation terms are pointed in the rate details and booking confirmation.

Prolongation terms

To prolong the stay you need to make a new reservation on the additional dates due to the room availability and the current rates.

Cancelation terms

In case of guaranteed reservation cancelation before 24 hours until the arrival the Hotel charges fee for the first night of stay.

Refund terms

To make a refund to the payment card (if it complies with the reservation terms) it is necessary to make a free form application and send on the e-mail upon the request of the Hotel. The application should be provided with passport copy of the card holder.

The refund will be made within 21 work days from the Hotel receives the refund application.

The check-out time

Check-in starts at 14.00 and check-out ends at 12.00.

Limits for stay at the Hotel

The period of stay at the Hotel is unlimited for citizens of Russian Federation. The period of stay at the Hotel for foreign guests is limited with the period of visa validity.


According the Hotel rules no privileges are considered.

Stay regulations

Hotel stay regulations are provided on the reception during check-in and in rooms.

The company details

Limited Liability Company “Domina Rus” / “Domina Rus” LLC

Address: 190000, Russia, Saint-Petersburg,

Bolshaya Morskaya street, 54 A.

TIN: 7840412387

CIO: 783801001

PSRN: 1097847119303

BIC: 044030786

Certificate Series 78, No. 007300631

Phone: +7 (812) 385 99 00

Fax: + 7 (812) 385 12 90