Cocktail Bar Nove

 Stirred, but not shaken! 

An Italian bar in the heart of St. Petersburg: a rich selection of wines, homemade lemonades, sangria, generous antipasti and the perfect espresso. The best place for enjoying a cocktail before visiting Mariinsky Theatre or a romantic rendezvous. Meet at the orange sofas, beneath the sparkling of crystal, under the gazing eye of moustachioed Martha, while Dostoevsky dozes behind the counter.

There is a secret room for important meetings, with iconic Petersburg river views from the windows.

As in Europe, life is not put off until the weekend – friends gather in the evening over a glass of fantastic wine and a discussion of the newest cocktail, broadening the circle of acquaintances. Many languages can be heard in Nove. Visitors of St. Petersburg eagerly study Russian through workshops on original Russian drinks. From “shot” to “samovar”, they learn how to prepare and digest national drinks simultaneously, while the bartenders easily switch from Russian to English and back. Who said Russian is a difficult language?

The heart of the bar is a unique cocktail recipe book, which the bartenders have compiled using ideas from around the world, as well as some inventions of their own. The secret knowledge is hidden away within a crafted travel diary, permitting us to travel from the mighty “Mexican Apple Pie” with silver tequila to the delight of lady’s, strawberry-ginger lemonade. Attentive mixologists have left notes in the margins of each recipe – a hint of the many secrets Nove holds that await you.

Number of seats: 50

Gorgeous bar in the heart of

St. Petersburg

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